WBJ honors 6 as Family Business Awards winners

June 9, 2014
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June 09, 2014

Family relationships can be complicated. But in some cases, those blood relationships can be tested and even strained when there’s a family business involved that needs caring and nurturing.

But some family businesses have become household names in the United States, and have helped the U.S. become a world economic power. Did Henry Ford ever imagine that his development of the assembly line would elevate the automobile company that bears his name into one of the most recognizable business brands? And Milton Hershey’s development of chocolate sweets made so much of an impact that a company and a town – Hershey, Pa. – bear his name.

But most family businesses don’t reach such lofty heights. Rather, they have helped their founders make their American Dreams come true, and they have passed along their knowhow and goodwill to their heirs.

That’s why we celebrate family businesses every year around this time, and in this issue, we honor six as our 2014 Central Massachusetts Family Business Award recipients. We will also honor them in person at our annual Family Business Awards event on Thursday, June 26 at Cyprian Keyes Golf Club in Boylston.

Here are this year’s honorees and their stories:

Bouvier Pharmacy & Home Medical Solutions, Marlborough

Bigelow Electrical Co. Inc., Worcester

Lauring Construction Co., Worcester

Wood’s Ambulance Inc., Gardner

Hyde Tools Inc., Southbridge

Access TCA Inc., Whitinsville

Thanks to …

A special note of thanks to our three judges – Chris Coghlin of the Coghlin Cos. in Worcester; Neil Gould of Holden, a business consultant; and Pam Stevens, an attorney with Seder & Chandler in Worcester. They took on the task of winnowing a field of 16 nominees to this year’s six honorees.


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